Gambling on high school sports

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“The NFHS is very concerned that the integrity of high school sports would be damaged by any wagering on interscholastic events.” White is not aware of any illegal gambling rings in New Jersey devoted specifically to accepting bets on high school basketball.

Evidence on risks of football in high school and college students is scarce. ... Is Football Worth Gambling With High School And College Players' Brains? ... “playing sports is the most ... Australia's High School Esports League to Expand in 2019 ... In North America, high-school sports have been developing rather quicker than their counterparts in Oceania, with multiple titles being added to the list of available games. In the summer, the U.S. High School Esports League, introduced Fortnite as one of the available competitions. Is this the future face of sports gambling? - USA TODAY

Other forms of gambling that also require peer participation, such as informal sports betting (e.g., during March Madness), were also more likely to be reported by male athletes. In fact, as the poker craze subsided, sports betting rose among high school males, partially replacing the poker craze (see Figure 2 below).

Regulated Sports Betting In Indiana: Landscape, Analysis ... - Total revenue from regulated sports betting that flows to the state via taxes and ...... Amateur sporting events, high school sports and other collegiate sports ...

For those who attended the Jordan Brand Classic this past weekend in Las Vegas, the constant reminders of the growing influence of sports gambling were difficult to ignore. On the short walk from a parking garage to T-Mobile ...

It's Getting Easier to Bet on High School Football - Forbes It's Getting Easier to Bet on High School Football. ... What's most worrisome about the expansion of organized gambling into high school sports isn't so much the gambling itself, but what it says ... Articles about High School & Problem Gambling

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