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10 Tips For New Casino Players - Casino Cruises | CruiseSource The limits on cruise ship games are usually a bit lower than you might find at a live casino during peak times, so take advantage to try a few different games. When you get back to land, you may feel comfortable enough to try those games at live or online casinos. Casino Cruise Winners | Casinos at Sea from Norwegian ... The chances to win big at Norwegian's Casinos At Sea are... well, BIG. Here are just a few of the many lucky (and happy) players who won big aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Casinos At Sea. Mary M. Casino Prize Games | Play at the Onboard Casino | Carnival

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The real blue screen of death It's Time To Try Your Hand at Video Poker! | Gambling Casino The next time you walk by a video poker machine, take a moment, sit down and try your hand at video poker. Remember to review your strategy first.

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Enjoy Slots On Cruise Ships Without Worrying That The Fix Cruise Ship Slots Do Cruise Ships Tighten Slots During the Cruise? By Jerry "Stickman" Jerry: I have gone on several cruises over the past several years. While at sea, I enjoy playing the slot machines as well as blackjack and craps. I believe there is a sinister plan being executed by … Casino odds better on first day of cruise? - Cruise Aug 13, 2011 · I've heard that your odds of winning on the slots, etc. are better on the first day of the cruise due to how the machines are set up. Rumour is that they want word to spread of some good payouts to increase passengers' casino spending for the rest of the cruise. Has anyone ever hit a jackpot on slots on the ships Nov 08, 2009 · Also have never seen anyone on a cruise win big other than at the slot tournament. Seems the Video poker machines are the way to go, I do hear people winning big on those. I should try that on my next cruise in December. IMOP, Casino's on a ship are strictly for entertainment, if you do win or come out ahead then that is a bonus!!